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iRevo Remote Receptionist

iRevo Remote Receptionist automatically detects a visitor
and initiates a call to the remote receptionist

A Remote Receptionist, or a Virtual Receptionist, is a way to welcome a visitor over a video call by a person who is situated on premises or off premises. Such a system helps provide a superior user experience over calling a host person via lobby phone. A good system that can deliver pleasant visitor experience can also help to relocate a front desk receptionist from the lobby to a remote location, minimizing receptionists exposure to visitors.

iRevo Remote Receptionist (iRR) offering is built by integrating iRevo Digital Signage and Aldo Web Communication platform from iRevo. This system enables you to design a custom welcome screen starting with a provided template or use one of the ready to use projects. No programming is required to build and deploy iRR and system offers displaying personalized welcome screen.

iRR supports use of a variety hardware and software platforms ranging from an Android Tablet with a Camera or an Android TV with Webcam or a Media Player with a Display and a Webcam. iRR incorporates AI engine and smart programming for entire interaction to happen without touching a display but a display with a touch support can be used to provide additional functionalities, like filling out a visitor information.


Visitors are greeted with a company branded welcome screen message.


A visitor is prompted to position his/her face inside Frame Markers.


Upon detecting a face, the visitor is greeted with a welcome message.


Receptionist greets the visitor via a video call and informs host about their visitor.


  • Simple to setup and easy to customize
  • Use with Android TV + Webcam or Media Player + Webcam + Monitor
    or Android Tablet
  • User video is processed locally and not stored anywhere
  • Used with Aldo Video Calling Embedded in iRevo Digital Signage
  • Library of editable Templates and Sample Signage Projects

Perfect for:

  • Building Lobbies Reception / Front Desk
  • Shipping & Receiving Entrances
  • Unattended Visitor Entrances (Typically from Parking)
  • Healthcare Facilities Check-in
  • Drive Through Restaurants

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