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iDS Innovations in Digital Signage

Creating touch enabled projects is easy with our point-n-click interface. No Coding or Required.

Create Breathtaking Displays with iDS Pano Mode


Build interactive signage or Kiosk projects. No program to write and works without a PC player. iDS Author enables a point & click design to display content on touch events or playlist.


Innovate user experience with iBeacon tags for motion, proximity, etc. events to change content displayed. Build highly sophisticated projects by combining IoT and Touch features.

Pano Displays

Create visually stunning signage in 32:9 format with Pano mode, with two displays placed side by side. Supports 8K x 2K and 4K x 1K resolutions without additional hardware.

Project Preview

This unique feature enables near real time previewing of signage projects from the iDS Author portal right in your browser, eliminating the need for a player and display in the design environment.

Seamless Integration with Aldo

Easily Include Aldo

Easily incorporate Aldo in iDS Signage projects, enabling the display of meeting room schedules along with other content, Information and corporate branding.

Multiple Display Support

Aldo gives you the flexibility to use two or more displays to present various presentation content for an immersive experience.

One Touch Video Calling

iRevo Digital Signage with Aldo provides the capability to incorporate Aldo Calling, enabling One Touch Video Call from a TV Kiosk or Tablet

Auto Join

A TV Display driven by iDS with Aldo can be invited to a scheduled Aldo meeting. The display will autojoin the meeting without any interaction with the TV.
Click to play video
iDS with Aldo running a One-Touch Call on an
Android TV. No external device required.
Click to play video
iDS with Aldo showing daily room schedule integrated with other content on an Android TV. No external device required.

Deploy an Enterprise Broadcast Network

Broadcast All Hands Meetings, Stored or Live Information and Key Performances Indexes from Enterprise Apps. Deliver the Right Content, at the Right Place at the Right Time.

iDS Solution Supports Most Content Types and Sources

Authoring Tools

Edit Layouts, Add Content, On Click, Play Schedule & Content Management.

Management Tools

Assign Projects, Group Devices, Monitor devices, Proof of Play, Analytics, etc.

Content Integration

Documents, Web Pages, RSS Feeds, Widgets, YouTube, Tweets & more.

Content Sources

iRevo CMS, Web, LAN, USB Storage, HDMI-IN, Camera (Network or USB).

Streaming & Stored Video

Supports HLS, IPTV, HTML5 and more. Videos in Device, USB drive or LAN.

Logos & Overlay Text

Display logos and text tickers on Video. Animate images, logos and text.

Live TV and PiP

Live TV over LAN or IP network, from Tuner or HDMI input in a Region.

Reliability and Service

Easy to scale, Cloud based app accessed via Browser. No software to install.

iDS Runs on Many Types of Devices

Android TV / Fire TV

Android / Fire TV Devices

Chrome Box / NUC / PC

Android / Fire TV Tablets

iRevo Digital Signage can run on Android and Fire TVs, where no external device is required, nVidia Shield devices and other Android
and Fire TV devices. iDS also runs on devices ranging from an Intel Compute Stick and NUCs, to PCs, Macs, Chrome devices and Linux PCs

Operating Systems

Browsers Supported



Chrome OS







Content Support
The iDS Platform provides a library of dynamic content types and widgets for use in your presentations
Lots of
iRevo Digital Signage provides numerous templates and layouts to get you up and running quickly.

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