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Comprehensive Content Support


The iDS Author Platform incorporates a comprehensive library of dynamic content from a variety of sources. The iDS widgets and apps library are customizable by users and easy to incorporate in signage projects. The iDS application running on an Android client device makes optimum decision to render various widgets and apps via HTML5 or native Android.

Furthermore, users can incorporate multiple widgets and assign various animations to each element in a single signage project. While there is no limit to a number of widgets that can be incorporated in a single screen, a user may want to run the project to visualize the animation and update speeds accordingly.

The iDS Platform supports a wide variety of video streams (up to 4K), image formats, audio streams, HTML (text, web pages, documents), PDF documents, desktop and mobile web sites, Live TV, IPTV and Camera streams. All of these sources can be directed to a region on a display to build an impactful signage project.

Specialty players from iRevo with HDMI-Input can support an external video source as an input and directed to a region on signage display.

Content Categories

  • Apps & Widgets
    Apps & Widgets
  • Social Media
    Social Media
  • Video
    Video & Animated Gifs
  • Business
  • News
  • Technology

Apps & Widgets

  • Maps - Place
    Place Maps
  • Maps - Search
    Search Maps
  • Maps - Search
    Direction Maps
  • QR Code
    QR Code
  • Analog Clock
    Analog Clock
  • Digital Clock
    Digital Clock
  • Weather
  • My RSS Feed
    My RSS Feed