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iDS Author

iDS Author portal is our latest cloud-based authoring software that allows you to easily create, schedule, publish and control intricate digital signage presentations.

iRevo Digital Signage Author Portal
iRevo Author Portal

Left image shows us the iRevo Author Portal. Creating projects, layouts and adding content is easy to do and to simple to customize for different projects and screens.

Users can create signage from scratch starting with a screen layout or get a head start with our ever expanding template library. Users can modify or add content to each region of layout with a click and schedule the play options for the same. Content sources and types supported are comprehensive. Users can add videos, images, text, HTML text, web pages, YouTube videos, widgets, etc. On certain Player Devices and Service Plans, the solution supports Live TV and HDMI-Input, for very powerful signage display. Users accesses Layout editor, HTML editor, content add/schedule, image editor and content management system from this iDS Author portal.

iRevo Digital Signage Author Portal - Schedule

It is from this portal where users also accesses the Content Management System. Users can upload all content to the CMS and add content from the CMS to the signage design. Users can author HTML content straight in to this software and save to CMS. Content source selection option offers either CMS as a Source from where either content can be continuously retrieved and played, or first downloaded to the Player Device and then played. Other content sources includes Web, LAN NAS or Server, USB, Player Device’s internal memory, HDMI-Input, and more.

Our cloud based platform is the quickest, easiest, feature rich and cost-effective way deploying a signage solution for a wide variety of uses. iRevo offers custom template or signage design service as well as managed service to publish signage to players and monitor player devices.

iRevo Digital Signage Author Portal - Manage Content


  • Cloud-based; no need for expensive on-site or private server
  • Access via web browser (Chrome or Firefox)
  • Easy to use; create your first presentation in minutes
  • Library of templates and sample signage projects
  • Advanced options like PDF, Word, Excel and PPT Import. Live TV, Youtube, Widgets, etc.
  • User can author logos and animated text and images on top of other regions with videos and images
  • Supports wide variety of content types and content sources
  • Author content playlist and schedule daily playtime

Additional iDS Platform Modules