What is Digital Signage?

Digital signage is an electronic medium that delivers dynamic and compelling content at the right location at the right time. Digital signage delivers information, including live and on-demand video, graphics, animations, text, and other Web content, on a high-quality display to a targeted audience at a targeted time. Organizations are creating a more interactive in-branch or in-store experience, speeding up communication, delivering more effective advertising and information, generating additional revenue, and influencing customer purchases, all from a controlled network of screens deployed at almost any out-of-home location.

Wherever people gather, eat, work, travel, shop, relax, entertain, walk by or wait, digital signage has replaced the traditional signage medium and has emerged as a compelling communication platform for a wide range of applications in education, retail, workplaces, hospitality, healthcare, government, out-of-home advertising, banking and financial services and transportation sectors. Whatever industry you are in, digital signage is an important asset to effectively communicate your product, service or information to your target audience.

Benefits of iRevo Digital Signage

  Attention Grabbing
Studies demonstrate that people respond best to moving images. iRevo Digital Signage goes one step better and provides videos and audio in a predefined synchronization to effectively persuade viewers to consume and act on the message.

Control single or many displays around the world from one remote/centralized location ensuring quality, consistency and optimization of resources to manage the digital signage network.

iRevo Digital Signage gives its owner the control of the medium. Control can include switching on/off device, the kind of messages to be displayed, prioritizing content, and scheduling timing etc.

  Easy to Use
iRevo Digital Signage networks are very easy to understand, operate and use. Individuals with basic knowledge of computers and media can be easily instructed on managing an iRevo Digital Signage system.

Printed materials like static posters and banners are costly to replace over time, especially if you want your content to remain relevant and interesting to your audience. iRevo Digital Signage saves a step in the production process by going straight from the design phase to live display.

iRevo Digital Signage is highly adaptable medium that is customization friendly. Horizontal and vertical display orientation, display layout and messaging can be designed different on different screens; multi-regions on the screen can be altered dynamically etc.

iRevo Digital Signage provides focused targeting of content based on target audience, time of day, language, location and consumer aptitude.

iRevo Digital Signage systems offers the feature that provides reports on the content displayed.

Information on the screen can be updated in real-time. This functionality makes it convenient to send emergency messages, on-the-spot promotions, welcoming of visitors and other such instances where the content needs to be changed instantly.

Start with a single or few displays and add on to the network as resources and communication objectives permit.