Financial - Wherever your audience is located, in the heart of the financial district, or in local branches, iRevo digital signage will accurately deliver and streamline the information you display.

Healthcare - iRevo
digital signage can reduce operational costs while at the same time improve operational efficiency, and quality of care. Screens in waiting rooms can improve the patient experience by informing while entertaining.

- In store digital signage provides powerful and critical leverage, giving you an edge over a competitor. The dynamic nature of digital signage grabs a customer's attention, influencing a customer's purchasing decision at many points.

Restaurant - Digital menu boards allow you to effortlessly influence your customers’ order choices at the point-of-sale. Displaying pictures and video of your menu items and their complimentary products increases conversion rates.

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The iRevo Digital Signage Platform includes many features, some of which are demonstrated in the video. With our easy to use layout editor and comprehensive content tools, the iDS Platform provides all the tools you need to produce stunning digital signage displays.

The iDS Platform includes numerous content tools, allowing complete control. Our QR Code widget allow you to create interactive displays to engage your customers.
Include Twitter feeds in your displays with our Twitter Feed Widget, keeping your customer informed of the latest information. Our Clock and Weather Widget are easy to use and integrate into any project.

iDS Solution Supports Most Content Types and Sources

Stored & Streaming Video
All popular formats and HLS streams. Videos from LAN, USB drive, and in player.

Logos & Overlay Text
Display animated logos and
ticker text on Videos, images and web pages.

Content Sources
iRevo CMS, Web, LAN, USB Storage, HDMI-In, Camera (Network or USB).

Content Integration
Documents, Web Pages, RSS Feeds, Social Media, Widgets, YouTube & more.

Authoring Tools
Layout Editor, Content Insertion, Play Schedule, and Content Management.

Management Tools
Assign Projects to a device or group of devices. Monitor devices and device logs.

Reliability and Service
Cloud based platform. Design custom templates. Managed Services.

Live TV and PiP
Show Live TV in a Region with other content displayed in regions as per Playlist.

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