iDS Player Software

iDS Player software is an integral part of the iRevo Digital Signage solution. Some of the key functions it executes are accessing and displaying content in each region as per the playlist and on days as defined in schedule. Regions, Content sources, Play Time and Play days (Schedule) are all defined on the Author portal of the iDS platform. It is capable of rendering content in up to 4K resolution – depending upon player selected and TV Display connected.

This software also plays key role in generating proof of play logs, raw analytics data, error logs, and online monitoring under iDS Manage Portal and securing the player software access via the TV screen. User does not interact much with this software but has to login / associate player device to their iDS user account. Other functions user carries out via this software are setting up a network connection (e.g. Wi-Fi Password or Static IP address) or preview the designs created on TV display without having to wait for execution as per an authored Schedule.

iDS Play Supports:

Multiple display regions, each with its own play list
Signage Preview, Load and Sync Options
Access content from local HD, USB, HDMI-In, LAN, Web or iRevo CMS
View Photos, Videos, Web sites, RSS Feeds, Widgets, Live TV* and more
Content and Software updates via network or USB
Review player logs and analytics through iDS Manage

*Note: Some features like HDMI-In and Live TV requires a specific type of player device and associated subscription plan.