Industry Uses

• Enhance the customer experience by lowering perceived wait times
• Benefit from a customer’s wait time to up-sell and promote new items
• Create sophisticated menu presentations
• Quick and easy menu and price changes
• Use scheduling for day-parting - different menus during different times of the day
• Manage locally or from remote location
• Lower costs by eliminating printing and shipping of materials

• Increase sales by featuring specific products
• Display discounts and promotions
• Launch new products
• Attract passerby attention
• Create product awareness and instill brand recall
• Improve store atmosphere and brand awareness
• Lower costs by eliminating print media distribution

Hospitality (Hotels)
• Help guests feel more in tune with the facility

• Buildup key aspects of the brand
• Communicate about offerings and amenities
• Enable easy exploration through wayfinding
• Display special messages to welcome groups, events and conferences
• Enable easy exploration through wayfinding
• Trigger emergency messaging or critical event.

• Reduce perceived wait times with videos, live news feeds and social media
• Integrate data feeds to ensure patients are receiving update to date information
• Generate additional revenue by promoting services.
• Generate new revenue by offering advertising opportunities
• Extend displays into the cafeteria with menu boards
• Assist patients and visitors with wayfinding

Movie Theaters
• Update ticket prices and showtimes effortlessly
• Increase sales with new release information and promotions
• Generate additional revenue by promoting services
• Increase sales with add-on suggestions and promotional products
• Generate additional revenue by displaying third-party advertising
• Ensure content is relevant using playlists for different target audiences, locations, and times of the day
• Use analytics to measure the effectiveness of your messages

Banking and Financial Institutions
• Display real-time information, linking to live financial data feeds
• Increase sales with new release information and promotions
• Increase profit through cross-selling and upselling
• Generate, deploy and update content from a central location
• Tailor content to fit local branch, office conditions and target audience
• Increase customer loyalty by decreasing wait times while engaging the customer
• Attract new business with eye catching promotions